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The Procedure For Changing Login Credentials In Netgear Genie

There are many opportunities and possibilities a person can find when he has a computer with internet connection. Without the internet connection, the computers are supposed to process and deliver the output based on the input. However, nowadays it is very rare to see a computer without internet because all people have started to subscribe the internet connection from the ISP. The users can create home or commercial network using the routers. It will let them to access the internet quickly and it will very secure too. These days, the users prefer only the wireless networks, which enables a fastest connectivity and secure browsing to the users. The Netgear routers are the most used routers to establish an internet connection for home network. The users who wish to change the password or login credential of older Netgear models can find some useful guidance in this article.

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Explore the opportunities using home network:

The Netgear routers are most used devices, which let the people to establish an internet connection for their home. The users can make a local network using their peripherals and this router. It helps them to get access for different devices without wired connection. Similarly, the users can access the network through the Wifi mode. The latest and old Netgear routers have default IP address as and if they enter the same in their browser then it will open up the login page to them. The users can quickly change the password or change the default URL name by visiting its setting page. However, the users who are using the older model Netgear Genie routers cannot find special features to complete this process.

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Procedure to change password in older Netgear routers:

Here, the users can find a simple procedure to change login password for the older model Netgear Genie routers.

  • At first, the users need to type http://routerlogin.net or on their web browser.
  • It will prompt a window and the users should give their current Admin name and Password.
  • Now, click on the Advanced Tab and click on Setup, which is available on the left side of the page.
  • Then choose the Wireless setup option and delete the current login credentials. It is available in Passphrase under the Security Options tab.
  • Now enter the new admin and password. Finally click on the apply button. These options can be easily found in the wireless setup window.
  • In the last, the users should click on Save Settings and need to quit the Netgear Genie interface.


Netgear Genie 2










The changed credentials will be effective from the next login of the users. The newer versions of Netgear routers have very advanced interface. The users can quickly change the address without any confusion because that option is enabled in Wireless setup. So, just by entering the setup, the users are allowed to change their credentials. The above given method is effective and applicable only for the Netgear Genie older routers and the same cannot be applied for newer models.

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