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How to Check About Default IP Address in Router?

Several kinds of leading modem and routers are offering you a chance to enjoy the home network without any hassles. Each and every router accompanies with a setup CD and so you can make the things in an easy way. If you did not get CD, you don’t need to worry about it as you can access the web based information at any instance. The IP address is a default IP address which is utilized in most of the routers. It is possible to check the presence of IP address in the router in simple steps. Further, it will not take more time and efforts.












  • Some models of router will print the default IP address on a label
  • Enter the IP address the address bar of your browser to make sure about it

If you cannot find the right IP address, you can start the command prompt and then type CMD into it. After that, you need to type ipconfig in the command prompt window and press enter. You may find a lot of line and in that you can discover your default IP address effortlessly. You can contact your ISP by entering the username and password of your router.

Check the menu for all the options

If you forget your default password and username, you can obtain it in the online. Router users can access the router settings to secure the internet connection in an effective manner. It is possible to modify the default IP address and network name as per your needs. Even you can alter the settings for port forwarding as well. Different kinds of menu options are available in the router and so you can easily modify it in any case. Configuring the settings of your router is considered to be very important to make sure that your network is away from unnecessary intrusions. First, you need to launch any web browsers in your computer. After that, you need to type the default IP address and then visit the home page. Now, you have to click the advanced settings and under the wireless section. It will take you to network name tab and you can set your SSID name and make sure about the enabled options and save the settings.

Update router’s username and password

If you remember the administrator username and password, you can easily change the settings without any hassles. If you don’t know about it, you can access the defaults username and password in the online websites. In this case, you need to reset the router and so you can alter the settings effortlessly. Access the webpage of your IP address and then configure the settings at any instance. If you alter the settings with the use of advanced options, you can protect your network from the intervention of other users. You can have a faith that you are using the internet in a secured connection. The process will not take more time and so you can alter the options for security purposes.

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