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  • java Remove previous Java versions with javara

    How many versions of Java do you have installed on your computer? Have you ever looked at the add remove programs applet in the control panel and thought about checking to see? Well chances are like me you have not. When I looked I found not one but three versions ...

  • Blogger in draft Web Wednesday:

    This Web Wednesday I am going to write about an option that I was not even aware existed until yesterday. Even though I have registered my domain name "Tech-Weekly" and run a simple tech web page currently I still rely on Google's Blogger to host my site. And one of the ...

  • windows vista Microsoft Weekend Minute: Vista SP1 compatibility problems

    Windows Vista SP1 is almost out but there will be some problems. Some security programs such as Zone Alarm Suite 7.1, Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 and BitDefender 1.0 will be blocked from even starting up once you install Windows Vista SP1. There is also at this point a problem with ...

  • pic Tech Tip: How to remove Norton Anti-Virus and Security Products

    Did you buy a new PC this past Holiday Season which came with the latest Norton or Symantec product installed with a trial version of an anti-virus or security product? Decided that you don't like how much of a CPU resource hog it is and not interested in purchasing it, ...

This month has brought a lot of tech news. As we all know, the technology doesn’t stay in place and moves forward constantly, offering new solutions for the known problems. The most important thing is that the new problems tend to appear with the new solutions as well. That is the main reason, why the tech never stops. Each day the new demands are pointed out in the IT market, and the most qualified companies offer their specialists the new unique chance to update the software and to bring the brand new methods to the audience. One of these features  [ Read More ]

This question is rather important to the modern community. A lot of people are in need to distribute their content, yet they do not have time, skills or the actual possibility to do so. That is why they turn to the professionals who are ready to help them in this task. The digital content tends to get rather flexible nowadays; it also needs simpler and understandable services to be offered to the users. The interface shall be comprehensive, so the people will experience no difficulties while using it. If you’re looking for the best way for the skilled Media Content  [ Read More ]

Ecommerce and Online Payments are getting really popular nowadays. All this is now possible due to various electronic payment systems suitable for online transactions as well. So called electronic money are becoming more and more popular within these days due to them being spread widely around the world and being easily accessible. With the help of this system a lot of online shops can work and allow the customers to purchase goods directly through the web. Long years of B2C transactions showed the security of this way of payment. At first people didn’t trust this kind of service much, as  [ Read More ]

The current state of the economy puts people among a lot of different debts. Usually you can easily get overwhelmed by them, so you will just not know exactly how much and to whom you shall pay and when. A lot of people get messed up with the leftovers of the debts and credits. They are not sure how much is left to be paid, so they can spend more money or do not pay what was really needed and stumble over the huge problems. That is where the question stands straight: what is debt consolidation and what benefits does  [ Read More ]

.Net development is the integral part of the modern business not only in the IT field, but actually anywhere. A lot of companies are in need for the appropriate service of this kind, and there are specialists who are ready to help them with this task. They will deliver the full package of desktop, web and of course mobile applications to meet the needs of your company and to match the specifics of your business. The custom scenarios can be successfully implemented to run the appropriate .Net development for Software, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Financial and any other type of industries. The  [ Read More ]


In this article we will discuss the best photo editing software available on the nowadays market. The competitiveness between the different programs in this field become so strict that any defect can drop the program from the very top to the bottom of the consumer line. Still this is what makes the creators to develop their software on constant basis. Now you can be sure the pictures you’d have thrown in trash some years ago can now be fixed in a normal way and even become the real masterpiece. Most of the photographers tend to use one or another photo  [ Read More ]


The consumer of the local cloud is usually in need for the set of options. All of them are offered in the basic features of Java EE 7. All the needed add-ons including the brand new ones are provided on the given platform. Here are the aspects that describe the well known Java EE 7 as the perfect cloud provider. First of all the Java EE has the architecture similar to the cloud giving the direct impact. The set of new roles might be defined right on the spot. Secondly there will be various constraints on the platform of Java  [ Read More ]

ui design

The main feature about the web application is that it shall be relatively fast. The more delays the user will see, the more resistance he will perform about using the application at all. Every application is created to perform some specific action, and this action shall be done in time – other way the app is not effective enough to be used. If you’d like to ensure the app is fast enough for your users, use the most popular practices for page response time optimization. Most of there ways are used quite often; still not all of them are the  [ Read More ]

Tech news june 2012

This month has brought a lot of tech news. As ...

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This question is rather important to the modern community. A ...

Ecommerce and Online

Ecommerce and Online Payments are getting really popular nowadays. All ...

What is Debt Consoli

The current state of the economy puts people among a ...

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.Net development is the integral part of the modern business ...